Thursday, 16 May 2013

16th May 2013 Balsall Common Bash

Beautiful morning, clear blue sky, time to get the bike out.

Berkswell Bridge

Left home and rode through Kenilworth and out via the Greenway to Balsall Common. Some of the potholes on the back roads were not good and had to keep a sharp eye out for them. Before Balsall Common is a small village called Berkswell. The main London, Coventry and Birmingham railway runs through here and there is a small station for the local trains. Not far from the station is this bridge, as you can see 7 feet high. Not much gets through here as you can tell by the GPO van. There are height cameras prior to it which warns tall vehicles to turn back. I hung around for a time waiting to watch a double decker bus trying to get through but none appeared. Now that would have been a good photo!

Brickyard Arms

In between Berkswell and Balsall Common is the Brickyard Inn. Cannot say too much about this as I have never been. It does look, from the outside, quite a tidy place and they do meals.

Lovely ride today. Had to stop in Balsall for tea and toast which helped me round the rest of the way. Out to Temple Balsall, Fen End and back down through Beausale. Did just under 21 miles in all. 
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