Tuesday, 14 May 2013

14th May 2013 Coventry Capers

Met up with Mick today for a ride around Warwick University grounds. Well almost met up! The arrangement was 'meet at the bridge, 9 o'clock'. I was there prompt at the new footbridge over Coventry Road. no sign of him. By ten past, I am thinking I should give him a ring, he is late, when the phone rang. 'I am at the bridge' he says, 'where are you, not at the green one? I am at the other end of the Greenway, Cromwell Lane.'   We agreed to meet half way, misunderstanding sorted.

Warwick University Campus

Rode around the grounds of the Campus before tea at Curiositea, the students Coffee shop. Locked the bike up with all the others and on return, found that someone had taken my water bottle. Well, I thought they had. On serious reflection I remembered it was on the road bike. Senior moment. Sorry students for thinking the worst of you!

University Sports Field

The sports facilities are very impressive at Warwick University. This is just a couple of the many football pitches that are on campus. They are very well kept, as are the rugger, hockey and cricket fields.  

Nesting Swans

Before returning home, I went to Warwick to pick up a car from its MOT test. (Passed - yay). Taking a short cut along the canal there are a pair of nesting swans. A short detour from my garage led to the opposite side of the canal and closer to the nest. Not too close mind, one of them reared up as the picture was being taken so hot footed out of there a bit sharpish. Odd place to choose a site Mr and Mrs Swan, adjacent to a car repair shop car park.

19 miles today, still cold though. Learnt a lesson from yesterday and put an extra layer on today.

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