Saturday, 20 April 2013

20th April 2013 Warwick wander

Not a great deal of interest today, did my usual route to Newbold Comyn. The big difference was the fact, that for the first time this year, shorts were the order of the day. What a difference from a couple of weeks ago, struggling around in multi layers of woolies.

The log

There is a story behind this log. This is the rear entrance to St Nicholas Park, Warwick and my friend Lesley lives in a flat to the right of this small road. Some time ago, a large tree needed to be felled and the main trunk was left behind and has been there for some time. It is a nuisance in that the local teenagers tend to congregate around it and cause a bit of trouble for the local residents.  Despite efforts by Lesley to get it moved, the council have been reluctant to do so stating there will have to be a cost.
Bear with me.
My wife Sue, works in a local school that caters for children with special needs and for some time now they have been looking for a log to use as a feature in their Forest School facility.
Can you see where this is going?
Last Friday, Sue rang the council, stated her case for having the log, and the arrangement is they will collect, and deliver it,  next Friday. All for free.

Skateboard Park St Nicholas park

Usual bunch of teenagers playing in the skateboard park. You have to admire their skill. At least it stops them messing about on the log!

Warwick Boats

In the corner of the park is Warwick Park is the boat house. they offer rowing and motor boats for self drive up and down the river. About 300 yards away is the magnificent Warwick Castle and the views from the river are stunning. The boat house has just taken delivery of about 5 new pedalos in the shape of swans. I couldn't get them in a shot today.

A very pleasant ride in the sun. 13.3 miles today. I've been off with a bit of back trouble these last few days but it wasn't too bad at all today. Must be getting younger!

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