Thursday, 18 April 2013

18th April 2013 Miller's Road mooch

Busy day today so haven't done much in the way of cycling. Doctors and lawn mowing took me to the afternoon and time to pick my car up from repair. Not too far to go, just down to Miller's Road in Warwick. See what is about on the way.

The circus is in town

Headed off to Warwick on the mountain bike, the garage is only about 3 miles away at the most. I had noticed earlier that just outside our village, a circus has appeared, so that was a decent target for today. Don't usually take two pictures of the same subject but it was unusual enough to duplicate.  Peter Jolly has been going for about 40 years and they do a mixture of animals and traditional clowns, juggling etc. The animals seem to be horses, llamas, snakes and a fox. When I was there, mid afternoon, they all seem to be out grazing in the fields which was good to see. I didn't stop long, I couldn't see where the snakes were!

Just an easy 4 1/2 today, no pressure. I extended the journey actually by going down the canal to make it more meaningful. Unfortunately, got wet towards the end despite sheltering a couple of times in bus shelters.

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