Monday, 15 April 2013

15th April 2013 Moreton Morrell Mash

Long ride today with my friend Graham.  Weather certainly improved so heading out, into the wind, for Moreton Morrell and Walton.

The Stag's Head Wellesbourne

Went out through Warwick, Barford, Newbold Pacey to Moreton Morrell and coasted the two miles down hill into Wellesbourne. Did a circuit of Walton Hall and stopped here for the first photo. The Stag's head was built in about 1837 and stands in Chestnut Square, not far from the centre of Wellesbourne. It is a grade two listed building. It was tempting to stop here for a snack, but too much temptation behind the bar, beer wise that is!

Wellesbourne stop

Undecided to use this place, near the centre of the village, or go to the regular place at the airfield. I have never been to this one so we gave it a try. Really nice toast, with preserves thrown in, but the tea was not too good. There is more atmosphere in the Airfield cafe as well, but that is not to discount this one for future visits to this village. Bicycles securely locked before we went in, under the watchful eye of that handsome chap in the flourescent jacket!

Thanks Graham for keeping me company. Did a lovely route, just over 32 miles, through some really nice country lanes. 

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  1. I found with my 365 project, that I like the photos with added interest, for example The Stags Head, a lovely photo in its own right, but even better when revisited in ten years time and comparing the price of a pint of Carling (although we'll probably be serving Litres by then!)