Sunday, 14 April 2013

13th April 2013 Newbold

Thanks to all those who visit this blog, nice to know you are interested. I am amazed at how many come to have a look, and from the far corners of the world. Russia, America, Rumania, Germany and many others.
What would be appreciated is a little bit of feedback as to what you think of the site. Too many pictures, not enough? Cut down on the history or add more? 
It would be brilliant if you could let me know via the comments button at the bottom of each entry.  
Thanks for coming, Ken

Certainly a dramatic change in the weather, for the better thankfully. A bit windy today, but pleasantly mild. No layers, no gloves, heaven!

Warwick School

Chose the usual route to Newbold Comyn. A big ride is coming up tomorrow so taking it nice and gentle today.. Through Warwick, onto the Myton Road, passed the Warwick School.  This is the oldest boys' school in England going back to the days of Edward the Confessor. It is an independant school for boys up to the age of 18yrs, and takes in boarders as well as day pupils. It has been on this site since 1879.

Clemens Street Leamington

Myton Road and Queensway took me to the old part of Leamington town. This is Clemens Street looking towards the main town with the Parish Church in the distance. At the bottom of the road is the Bridges, a well known landmark. It is called the Bridges although there is only one.  Prior to Dr Beeching's infamous cuts of the railway system there were two here, one for the Great Western line and one for the London Midland Scottish line. After the cuts, one was removed.

Nearly home

Through Newbold Comyn and the town to home. The road works in the lane outside my house are still ongoing and getting a bit tiresome now, especially with having to drive 3 miles to get to the Anchor pub 200 yards away!  The barriers around the road works have all been knocked down, whether by vandals, the wind or a disgruntled resident who knows. I can say, it was definitely not me!

Another good ride today,  13.4 miles, good preparation for tomorrows long ride. 

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  1. Sorry KK, I'm almost a fortnight behind.
    I see the comments header didn't get the desired effect (miserable buggers). Personally I think it's just right, I love the photos, the reasoning for your chosen route, and the snippet of history. Keep it up.