Tuesday, 12 March 2013

12th March 2013 Burton Green bash

Day off yesterday, it was so cold. Layered up well today, 7 in all on the top, three on the bottom. Double gloves and ear muffs. That should do it.  BBC said it was -10 in the wind so might need it.

Kenilworth Cricket Club

Quite a prosperous club, on the south side of Kenilworth, all summer long there are games here. Not being a cricket fan, I have no idea how they are doing, or what standard they play at. Passing by though, when there is a game on, there is something very English about the whole set up.  Long may it continue.

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

On the main Warwick Road in Kenilworth, this Church was built in 1993 although a Catholic Church has been in the town, at St Augustines in Beehive Hill, since the 19th century. In the 1950s, that church was so overcrowded that mass was held in the Green Man pub, first in the lounge, and later in the bar!  Not only worship takes place here, there is a vast range of family, school, charitable and social events take place. You want to give blood? This is the place to do it.

Wasn't too bad a ride at all today. Went out to Red Lane, Burton Green and came back down the Greenway.  Just over 11 miles. The cold wind was in my face first half but that was tolerable.

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