Sunday, 10 March 2013

10th March 2013 Leamington

This one started out well. Got the bike out of the shed and the back tyre was flat!  First job then was to mend a puncture.
 Did the circuit from Warwick to Newbold Comyn and diverted to get the photo of the White Horse.

Tree sculpture

Must have been past this numerous times, and never spotted it was a sculpture until today. It is on the edge of Newbold Comyn just off Newbold Terrace East.  There are carvings of bats on all sides of the trunk and the legend "Big on play - wild @ play" and the initials BCTV carved into the trunk.  Not sure what this is about at all but it looks as if it would be a good climbing platform for kids. 

Mr Jephson's House

 This is in the Jephson's Gardens in Leamington.  Built as a Corinthian style temple, it houses a statue of Dr Henry Jephson. He helped to promote the healing properties of the town's spa waters and he built houses for the poor. It was erected in 1849 after the town committee decided to call the gardens after the doctor. When the grandchildren were younger they would climb the steps and shout hello to the good doctor, taking delight in the echo that came out of the small building.

The White Horse (at last)

This was the third attempt to get this shot! The first time the place was closed. The second time the picture couldn't be found in the camera. (It was there, as was found later). Today, job done.  This is not a real horse. If he had been, he would either be at Warwick Races today, or on his way to a lasagne somewhere.  It is in the entrance to the White Horse pub in Clarendon Avenue, just off the top of the Parade in Leamington

It was bitter cold today. I made the mistake of wearing the wrong gloves which was not good. The sooner that north east wind moves round to the south, the better. Clocked 13 miles today which makes 100 for the week. 

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  1. Nice one KK.
    You failed to mention that the Jephson building is famous for being on the Ocean Colour Scene album cover Mosley Scholes, or Schoals?