Wednesday, 27 February 2013

27th February 2013 Kenilworth

Not a bad day today although started with mending yesterday's puncture. Cleaned the bike up as it is going in for it's after sales check.  Not going too far today then.

The Old Water Tower

Bike sorted out fine. I did mention to the shop that two punctures in three weeks seemed excessive and asked if the tyres were of good enough quality for off road work.  They were sympathetic and put a rubber sealant inside the inner tube which should help. At no charge either. Bargain. Left the shop and headed off into the cold easterly wind.  First stop was at this house on the north side of the town. It was an old water tower and I know some of the history to this. In about 1974 the tower was derelict and was sold for £250. Back then, Police Officers were not paid a great deal, and I supplemented my income by helping out a local builder on my days off. He did the conversion of the tower into a house, and right from day one, I was involved in the process. Fascinating to see the changes develop. All the rooms are circular and the staircase runs around the inside of the building. The top floor was converted to a study with about 8 windows that gave a panoramic view of Kenilworth. Don't tell anybody but I earned a nice few bob over the months that the conversion took.

The Ford

Took a little diversion then onto Kenilworth Common. This entrance leads off the common to the Engine Pub. Not much choice about which way to go when the water is as high as it is.

The Almanack

Rode back through the town centre and thought the light on the Almanack, a popular watering hole, looked pretty good.  One of the attractions of this place is that they give free toast, with a purchased drink, before 11 in the morning.  The flats at the top look like an attractive place to live.

Combined business with pleasure today. Got the bike sorted and had a pleasant mooch about Kenilworth in the process.  Not too far today, just under 8 miles. And the sun had got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray.

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