Tuesday, 26 February 2013

26th February 2013 Canal Circuit Calamity

Getting warmer and not so blowy. Decided to do a circuit of the bridle paths and canal taking in the cafe at Hatton locks of course. My new bike is in for an after sales service in a couple of days, it needs a clean so now is the time to go out in the mud, not that there is too much about.

St Mary's Church, Haseley

Left home and went over the fields, through Beausale and Hatton to get to the canal. At Haseley, there is a picturesque church set right in the countryside. Not quite sure where they would draw their congregation from, there can't be all that many attend the services. Nice ride so far, not too windy or mucky underfoot, or should that be wheel?

Leamington Old Town

After apple pie and a cup of tea at Hatton Locks cafe, continued down the towpath to Leamington. Doing this circuit on a regular basis makes it difficult to find fresh subject matter so you will have to put up with a couple of swans on the canal near to Clemens Street by the Grand Union Restaurant. Out of picture is a lot of debris and rubbish floating around which makes you wonder why the swans choose to patrol this bit. Regular passers by with bits of grub I suppose.

Calamity strikes

Another puncture!  About 5 miles from home at this point, near to Clapham Terrace in Leamington. I carry all the kit necessary to mend the tyre but could not find where the puncture was. Handy being by the canal, I could dip the inner tube in the water to see where the bubbles come from. Nowhere was the answer, could not find it. I suspect it was possibly a thorn or a sliver of wood as the hedges have been chopped recently in this area. After pumping the tyrec back up, I retraced my steps and went to John Atkins cycles in Clemen Street to borrow a decent pump. My request to be allowed in the shop to try again to find the hole, and to try and get warm was refused. Not insured and health and safety will not allow it. They did pump the tyre up a lot harder than I could and it did get me to within 2 miles of home. Finally made it after stopping three more times to replenish the air with the little emergency pump I have

Apart from the puncture, good ride today, just over 18 miles clocked up,  The bike had a good wash when I finished so job done for the day.

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