Thursday, 14 February 2013

14th February 2013 Old Leamington

What a difference a day makes. It has to be 8 or more degrees warmer than yesterday and the sun is shining. Lets go!

No Bridge

Decided to call and see my sister, who lives in Whitnash, but on the way, took a slight detour to get this picture in Princes Drive. For the more observant, you will notice that the footbridge over the road has gone. All part of the Morrisons development. My sister did tell me that Princes Drive is going to be closed for 10 days soon. That will lead to a lot of traffic hold ups in the town as motorists try to find the best way round. I know the best way round, get a bike.

Student flats, Old Warwick Road

When I were a lad, this site was the Midland Red Bus Garage and later an engineering works. It has since been redeveloped into a very impressive looking block of student apartments. Right near the centre of the Old Town and opposite the Railway station, ideal for youngsters starting out.

Leamington Railway Station

Very 1930s, this station has served the town well. It has been modernised, but the art deco feel of it has not gone away. Spent many a happy hour here train spotting. Yes, I had the anorak. This was the Great Western Line and it was a treat to see all the old steam locomotives; that was until the station master saw us and chased us off for not having a platform ticket.

Sikh Temple

I did this one just a couple of weeks ago but promised to return in the sunshine. Making my way home from Whitnash, it was not my intention to revisit the place but was struck by the dark clouds, the sunlit temple and, of course, the rainbow. This does the building far more justice.  

A good ride today,  just under 14 miles. A lot warmer, did not need ear muffs, big thick gloves or so many layers. Will have to look the shorts out soon. 

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  1. I LOVE that temple photo, but what did make me chuckle was the student flats, they look like a spaghetti western cardboard cut out, literally no depth to them at all.