Monday, 11 February 2013

11th February 2013 Snowy Wedgenock

Overnight snow, not much, about 2", left everywhere looking good. Perhaps a trip to Hatton Locks Cafe might be on the cards today.

Rouncil Lane

This one taken in Rouncil Lane looking over the footpath that leads to Kenilworth. The roads were OK to ride on but the bridle paths were quite slushy in places. Not sure how far to go today.

Bridle path from Goodrest to Wedgeknock

Very wet and slushy on the bridle path, no doubt the canal towpath will be as bad, if not worse. The tea and cake will have to wait another day.

Wedgenock Lane

You can see the lanes are pretty clear, in the tyre tracks anyway. It was a gruelling day yesterday so don't feel guilty about cutting today a bit short. Just taking it easy and enjoying the ride.

7 miles today. No rush, wrapped up nice and warm, enjoyed it.

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