Sunday, 10 February 2013

10th February 2013 Wet Wellesbourne

Well, what a wet ride that was! The forecast for the day was light rain all day getting heavier later. No point in hanging about then, do it. Not too warm out there so layer up, with waterproofs.

Over the M40

Decided to take a fairly flat route, into the wind, and head for the cafe at Wellesbourne. The rain was coming down more than I would like and a rest half way round will be good.
This is the cycle path leading to the footbridge over the M40 near to Junction 15. Not many pictures will be taken today, the camera is buried deep in the layers, my thick gloves are wet, and it is difficult to get out. And it is raining fairly hard.

Wellesbourne Cafe

It was a relief to get here and no mistake. Wet gloves, wet feet it was good to have a break. The place was very busy but found a table near a radiator, somewhere to try and dry the gloves out. Coffee and fruitcake went down a treat and the longer the break, the drier the gloves will be. Or that was the plan. Still wet when it was time to leave but at least the gloves were warmly wet. The wind blew me home and kept the rain off to a degree so that was a bonus.

26 miles in the wet and rain. In a strange way, it was very satisfying to be out today. Great to get back home, but a good session under the belt. With 103 miles on the clock for the week that is a real milestone, certainly a personal best. 
On the down side, my feet were so cold I had 'hot aches' in them standing in the shower. That was painful with a capital ouch!

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  1. Good darts KK, I can see 300 in a calendar month being broken before the year is out!