Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1st January 2013 Kenilworth

The first ride of the New Year. Although most of us sneer at target figures and performance in our work life, it is useful to have personal goals to help ourselves improve, or at least keep the status quo. Last year I set a target of 100 miles a month and bettered that. So, lets be a little ambitious and say 150 a month for 2013. That seems a realistic figure, so go for it Lambert.

Kenilworth Town Centre

Of course, targets will not be achieved if we sit on a settee reflecting on last night's revelries so best get out there. Most rides tend to be south from my house, possibly because most of the first mile is uphill if I go north! Try and explore new ground today by going that way through Kenilworth town, the nearest shopping centre from my house. This is the busiest part of the town although most shops were closed today hence little traffic or pedestrians.

Kenilworth Clock

This clock stands at the end of Warwick Road by Abbey End, and was presented to the town by a chap called G.M.Turner as a memorial to his late wife. The upper part of the clock was damaged by a landmine in 1940 which also destroyed the nearby Globe Hotel killing 28 people. It is certainly a well known landmark in the area.

Cryfield Grange Farm

Carried on cycling  through the town despite the thought of far more hills this way! Very pleasant area around Crackley, very rural, and very few cars in the lanes. Cryfield Grange Farm sits across one of the roads and it is rather odd that the road runs through the middle of the farm buildings. Starting to lose the light a bit by the time this photo was taken so headed home. 

A good start to 2013. It was a little difficult getting off the settee as the afternoon wore on but like most days, there was the bonus of a sense of satisfaction when a decent ride is over. Just like my running days, the hardest part was always getting out of the back door. So, that is 10.2 miles towards this tear's target. Rock on.

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  1. I was so tempted to go out today, but with guests, a leg of lamb to roast, and work looming tomorrow, I opted to stay in.
    Just hoping that the weather is as kind tomorrow so I can get out in my lunch hour. Good start KK, keep it up.