Friday, 18 January 2013

18th January 2013 In the snow - a bit!

Weather warnings all over the country, red alert in Wales, snow coming down heavier by the minute. Best do what all sensible people do,  go out for a bike ride! Getting used to putting the layers on so the cold and wet will not be a problem.  Perhaps not best to go on the roads today, so the plan is, over the bridle paths to Hatton Locks and the cafe there.

Woodcote Lane

Didn't get too far before stopping for a photo. This is Woodcote Lane, less than half a mile from my house.   Not much at all on the road although this part is sheltered by trees.

End of the road!

A mile and a half further on, through Goodrest Farm, on the way to Hatton, calamity, breakdown.  The rear sprocket gave up on me and I could not ride the thing any more. At this point, only thing to do was turn back, (after a phone call to Sue to rescue me).  No doubt walking in trainers would get uncomfortable after a bit.  I think this may be terminal for the old bike. The cost of repairs that are needed, balanced against a new one, is no contest.

Captive audience

Walking back through Goodrest Farm I stopped to check out the cattle. They did not like my bike propped up against their fence and told me to moooove it.

Well, that was a disappointing morning.  Logged 2 miles and ended up with a broken bike.  Luckily, I was not too far from home, and Sue was out to help me get the old bike home. I need to asses what the problem is and see about a replacement. Does anyone want a project to do?

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  1. Can't believe you made it out yesterday, good going!! Have you attempted the ice today?