Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Brockley and Goblin Combe. 34

Another nice sunny day, not too windy, ideal for a bit of climbing.   Haven't been out this way before, heading east towards Bristol.  Went out through Congresbury and Cleeve on the A370, not the best of roads but has to be travelled, no other way to get to Brackley Combe without a long way round Clevedon.   The climb up to the top, where the airport is, (a climb of 600') is best shown on the ride profile below the map.

Giant watering can.

Have often passed this garden centre in the car and made a mental note to 'capture' it some day, that day has arrived.  This road has a few climbs in it which I have avoided till now but 'Sparky' has made these much easier.

On the runway

At the top of the Brockley Combe the road goes around the edge of Bristol Airport and there were several aircraft near to the perimeter fence waiting to take off.  A bit. weird riding down the road travelling faster than an aircraft.  Combe by the way is a 'steep narrow valley'.

After the airport went down the other side of the hill down Goblin Combe into Wrington where I just had to call into the Mother Hen cafe for tea and a cookie. Back to Weston then via Churchill and Banwell to complete the 34 mile trip.

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