Monday, 11 June 2018

To Wells followed by a hint of Glastonbury 35

Seeking pastures new today with two of the Old Gits, Ian and Andy.  Loading up Ians 4x4 with our bikes in Weston, drove down to Mark, parked up, and after unloading the bikes, headed east towards Wells.  Not a bad morning at all, a breeze from the NE, hazy sun at times.  On the way to Wells across the Somerset Levels we were passed by scores of other cyclists, all with numbers on.  Going past Sweets cafe near West Hay it was obvious there was some sort of event taking place from there. No point in popping in for a cuppa.

St Cuthbert's

Saw this big church as we entered Wells and took it to be the cathedral.  Wrong, it was St Cuthbert's a local parish church.  Not to worry the cathedral is only around the corner.

André's Cafe

Just opposite the church was this cafe. 15 miles in, we were ready for a cuppa.  I guarded the bikes, Ian and Andy ordered.  When the cake came out it was delicious.  Fruit cake, full of fruit and cherries and very moist.  Almost needed custard with it.  Will definitely have to come here again.

Thank you waitress.

Despite being very busy (and she holds down two jobs!) the young lady took our picture.  The cake hadn't arrived yet.

Wells Cathedral

'Just around the corner' was very misleading.  No entry signs and no right turns meant we had to go about a mile to get to the cathedral which was only 200 yards away.  Having a cathedral makes Wells a city and it boasts that it is the smallest city in England.  Surprisingly, for a nice sunny summer Sunday morning, there were very few people about.  Thinking about it now, perhaps they were all in these big churches.

Vicar's Close

This street, adjacent to the cathedral, is reputed to be the oldest residential street in Europe with it's original buildings still intact. It was planned and built in the mid 14th century, the 27 houses are grade 1 listed buildings, and there is a chapel and library at the far end. The street itself is 10 feet wider at its entrance than it is at the top and this alters the perspective and makes it look longer.

More tea!

Leaving Wells to go back to Mark, we did get to the outskirts of Glastonbury but decided not to go into the town itself, that can be left for another day.  Back on the Levels, we just had to call in at this farm cafe in Godney for another cup of tea.  Another place to include in our 'visits for the future' book despite the fact that they forgot to bring Andy his toast until he reminded them!  From here it was just a few miles back to Mark and loading the car up with our bikes.

35 miles on the clock for me, the total for the week ended up as 121. 

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