Sunday, 3 June 2018

Down to Sweets Cafe with an Old Git 37

Debated about going out today and the clincher was a text from Old Git Ian asking, 'who wants to go out for a ride?'  Another lovely day, wall to wall sun, and a chance to take a leisurely time through the Somerset Levels.  The meet did not quite go as planned but a couple of texts put us on the right track and Ian caught me up at Rooksville where we crossed the A38.  Took a slight diversion through Mark and reached the Sweets Cafe after notching up a number of personal bests through Burtle.  Tea and a piece of a rather dry date and walnut cake and back through Mark again to Weston.
Loads of cyclists about today, the majority said a quick hello as they went by but some, still, choose not to acknowledge a friendly wave.  There is nowt so queer as folk.

Good mileage again this week, 146 with the 37 clocked up today.

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