Thursday, 28 June 2018

A little test ride proves to be OK 6

After a week off with a sore back it was time to try the bike out as the problem seeded to be going away.  The Old Gits are out in the morning so took the bike down to the end of the prom to see if the back problem had improved sufficiently to start going out regularly.


Took Lincoln, the youngest grandson out on this little trip and it all went quite well.  The end of the prom and back is just over 3 miles, a distance he hasn't done before but we both coped very well.  On the way back we noticed a large plastic model of Grommit, the Aardvark film studio star, being unloaded by the Grand Pier.  This is part of a big event that has been organised in Bristol to have these things all over the region.  Must look out for some more.

As for the back?  That seems fine.  The plan now is to meet up with the Old Gits in the morning and go out with them for part (or hopefully) all of their trip.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Well done Ken, but don’t do too much, too soon. You’ll get there. Mick