Thursday, 18 January 2018

Wellesbourne Wobble 20

Met up with Graham this morning for a spin out.  After a night of roaring gales and heavy rain it was thought it would be too bad to ride today but the storm had passed over by the time we met.  As time was a bit tight today for various reasons, decided to limit the route to Wellesbourne and return to Leamington through Barford and Warwick.

The Tuckery

Decided to give the cafe s in Wellesbourne a miss despite it being half way round our circuit.  For a change, we went into the centre of Warwick to The Tuckery near the museum.  Tea and a toasted tea cake each was the order of the day which went down well.  Came out of there and had a chat with a bloke, a keen cyclist himself who was admiring our bikes, well, Graham's Mercian more than my Peugot.  Chatted with him about local clubs for a short time before we carried  on.  Hasten to add, the bike on the right of the photo is nothing to do with us, it is parked there as an advertisement of for the cafe.

Graham left and yours truly

The waitress kindly took our picture, half way through the tea cakes.

Warwick Museum

If you are ever in Warwick, can certainly recommend a visit to this building, the museum.  Right next to the main market square it houses a variety of all things Warwick and Warwickshire, geological, historical and fauna and flora.  And it is free!

A good 20 mile ride this morning.  The rain held off, the wind was fairly moderate and blew us home and the sky was blue.  Cannot ask for more.

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