Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Old Gits thwarted 27

Out with the Old Gits today tackling the usual route, Banwell, Winsford and back through Hewish and Puxton.  The weather forecast was pretty good, a light shower at 1000 but we are cyclists, we can take it.


What a lovely word that is, thwarted.  2/3 of the way round the circuit, heading for the watering hole at Caffles, we headed down Puxton Lane across the levels to Hewish.  Ignoring the road closed sign, "We don't let these bother us", we carried on till half way along, the road was actually completely closed and a chap there explained why, a collapsed section where the edge of the road had suffered damage from heavy wagons and farm machinery.  We then had to detour back to the Strawberry Line coming out at Congesbury and the A370 to Hewish and cake.

Electrical problem

Having already dealt with a front wheel puncture, this Old Git then had a malfunction on his electric  bike.  Unfortunately it was a dodgy battery and power connection so it was hard work pedalling that heavy weight home.

The enforced detour added a couple of miles onto the normal mileage so ended up doing just over 27 miles today.

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