Monday, 18 September 2017

Sand Bay and beyond 16

After a real good week last week, it may be prudent just to ease off a fraction.  Going over to Sand Bay to the north east of Weston on a fairly calm and sunny morning.

More street art

Noticed this a couple of Saturdays ago.  Some sort of competition or gathering of vandals, sorry, street artistes, painting over previous work that raised money for the Birnbeck Pier charity.  Presumably this was for the same cause, stop the old pier falling into the sea. Quite like these, Charlie Chaplin is a good one and Weston 'souper' Mare made me smile.

Sand Bay

A short distance further on was a nice view of Sand Bay itself.  Sand Point, the promentary in the distance, is designated a SSSI, a site of special scientific interest with wading birds, flowers and grasses of particular interest.


Couldn't go without mentioning the results of the blackberrying expedition.  My neighbour made 8 jars of jam in total, 4 of them he has donated to a Macmillan coffee morning to be held soon. Fully agree with that, if it raises cash for that worthy cause then it is definitely a result.  Haven't sampled it yet, be assured a critique will be posted.

Nice easy one today as planned.  Covered 16 miles.

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