Friday, 15 September 2017

Blackberrying expedition to Puxton 29

After promising my jam making neighbour that a foraging for blackberries was imminent, it was a good day today for it so after spotting some decent brambles last week at Puxton set the 'sat nav' for east of Weston.

The audience

Found some good spots around Puxton.  Collecting some in a farm gateway, felt that someone was watching me.  Looked over my shoulder and this old biddy was eyeing me up.  Sorry lady, I am already spoken for.

Temporary Closure

Leaving Puxton with a container full of berries, went into Sanford and picked up the Strawberry Line.  At Winscombe diversions were in place for the ongoing water works.  Luckily, this was the place that I was getting off so no loss.  Went back to Weston in a big circular route to put some miles on the clock.  Why not, felt good and it was a nice morning.


And this was the end result.  one ice cream tub rammed to the top with succulent blackberries (stop drooling).  Later, duly handed over to my neighbour for processing.

29 miles covered today.

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