Thursday, 29 June 2017

Around Coventry 39

In Leamington for a couple of days so an opportunity to meet up with Mick and Graham.  Met Graham at his house and rode over to Kenilworth and joined up with Mick.  As this was more Mick's territory than ours, he was made ride 'captain' by default and we headed north along the Greenway to Balsall Common.  Unfortunately the Strava cycle recorder was not set on my phone (operator error) but the record was saved on my watch.  Ain't technology wonderful!

Berkswell Tea Stop

An hour into the ride we had gone through Balsall Common and as it had started to drizzle and there was a good tea stop at Berkswell, there was a slight change of plan and we ended up at the village stores.  On the village green nearby was this set of old wooden stocks.  The question arose 'Why are there 5 holes and not 4 or 6?'  The chap in the stores reckoned that over the years they had been repaired and moved so many times that alterations had been made and broken/worn bits had been trimmed off them.

The Token

Inside the cafe it was time for the ceremonial handing over of The Token.  This helps us to remember whose turn it is to bring a wallet, or in some cafes, a cheque book!  Despite this aide memoir, it was not clear whose turn it was next.  After a long discussion and much brain searching, it was agreed that as I was the current holder, the token should be passed to Mick  The old chap in the stores, a bit of a David Bailey, recorded the moment for us.

Road Closed!!

Or is it?  Cutting across to Coventry from Berkswell, a road closure was encountered in Benton Green Lane.  It looked fairly impassable but a quick chat with one of the workmen proved beneficial as he granted us permission as long as we were careful.  It was a tight squeeze but no real problem.

The recored mileage today was a fraction under 39 miles.  Luckily the rain kept off in the end and we left Mick at the University before heading back to Leamington.  A nice route today with some good company.

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