Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Old Gits normal ride 23

A pretty ordinary ride with the Old Gits today. Down in numbers slightly, just 9 today but then, we are entering the holiday season.  The weather was not too bad, a bit misty and drizzly at first but we finished with the sun coming out.

Slow puncture

Not for me fortunately.  Somebody else had had one earlier and repaired it, this was the second of the day.  Hoping it really was a slow one, it was pumped up and we carried on.

Slow puncture continued

That lasted less than 1/2 mile.  Tried again as we crossed the M5 over bridge at Hewish but that didn't last either.  Had to replace the inner tube a few hundred yards later.  This was on an electric bike and luckily the front wheel at that.  All little soldiers returned home safely.

23 miles today.

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