Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Usual trip with the Old Gits 24

Out with the Old Gits on a cold, late April morning.  Really thought that long cycling bottoms and extra layers were to be confined to the wardrobe for the next 4 months but, no, they were out again today.  Needed as well with that cold north westerly wind.  Did the usual ride around Locking and Banwell taking refreshments at Caffles Garden Centre.

Waiting for the Gate Keeper

One of the Old Gits had a little driving job to do this morning and missed the start.  Didn't know what we could do as he is the one that normally holds a gate open for the rest of us as we reach the eastern end of the Strawberry Line.  Never fear, a call from him meant he wasn't far behind so we waited for him.   Luckily, this was a sheltered spot out of the wind.

Not a bad ride, covered 24 miles in all.

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