Thursday, 6 April 2017

To Braunston for tea and toast 40

In Leamington for a couple of days, a chance to ride out with Graham.  Looking for a '30 miler', went east towards Daventry with the intention of going to Braunston and a little tea room there that I have not been to before.  A bit of a chilly wind at times but overall, a good day with sunshine and no showers.  Met Graham at his home and went through Cubbington, Barton and Birdingbury, Willoughby to Braunston in Northamptonshire.  Took a different route back through Long Itchington to Leamington.

What a handsome fellow.

Near to Leamington Hastings, came across this fine fellow sitting on a fence.  Thought he was real at first.  Close up, realised he couldn't be with his feet nailed to a board.  Expected someone to come rushing out proclaiming, "Why are you taking photos of my chicken."  Never happened.

Braunston Tea Rooms

Reached our destination, 'Your Cafe'.  It is a community cafe which is self supporting and is run for the benefit of the local community and visitors to the village.  It is entirely staffed by volunteers.   They did a good job today, the tea and toast were excellent.  Thank you ladies.


Saw this building in the high street.  A search of google and the village of Braunston website failed to find out what this strange piece of architecture is all about.  It is the end wall of a dwelling house and was possibly an extension which has not been completed or it has fallen down.  Any ideas?

All Saints Church

Standing on top of a hill, this church with its 150' spire has commanding views of the surrounding countryside.  It was rebuilt in 1849 on the site of a former church. Note the interesting position of the two clock faces.

Good ride that was.  Clocked a fraction over 40 miles today.

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