Monday, 6 March 2017

Very dry in Wrington 29

To explain.  Very dry in Wrington means that the Lady Bug Tea Rooms was closed.  The plan today was to do a circular route, taking in Wrington where tea and toast would be waiting.  So the disappointment was almost as immense as the climb out of the village towards Congresbury.  There was a saviour waiting 5 miles down the road however.

The Saviour

This burger bar is pretty reliable, always there on the A370 lay by about a mile west of Congresbury.  The plan was to go that way anyway so just had to call in.  Very reasonable, a mug of tea was a £1 but did not sample the food as there was not too long to go to Weston.  Can recommend this place, the proprietor, a South African was very friendly.

Today's quiz

What sort of restaurant is this then?  Answer at the end.

More rubbish

This is in a rhyne alongside the lay by where the burger van is parked.  Disgusting the way some folks behave.  The owner of the van has reported it to the council but nothing has happened so, if I can fathom my way through the Council's web site, will do it again.

Of course

Not that hard was it.  This taverna is on the A370 at Congresbury not too far from where the Strawberry line crosses.  We like Greek food occasionally so will have to pay this a visit some time.

Covered 29 miles today.  Out with the Old Gits tomorrow so a good start to the week.

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