Thursday, 2 March 2017

Afternoon tea at the Bay View Cafe 29

What a contrast over the last 24 hours.  Yesterday rain in the afternoon.  This morning, gale force winds approaching 50 mph on the sea front at Weston. After lunch, perfect conditions for a ride.  Did the usual route down to Burnham on Sea.  Nice to get rid of some layers for a change as well.

The Ritz at Burnham

After a tea stop at the Bay View Cafe, no cake today, went a slightly different way out of town to photograph the Ritz, a cinema from the 1930s.  This is our cinema of choice now, it is a little gem.  Family run, no surprise when the cashier takes your money, then clips your ticket on the door and later, comes round with ice cream in the interval.  Tickets are £4 compared to £10 at most other local cinemas and they are up to date with all the latest films.  After a big makeover just over 10 years ago it now has 2 large screens and can seat 230 people.

Brent Knoll

Carried on home through East Brent and stopped to take this road sign.  Nicely placed with the actual Brent Knoll behind it.  Not a bad representation really.

Nice outing today, covered a fraction under 29 miles.

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