Monday, 16 January 2017

Wick St Lawrence Wander 16

Another dullish day, nothing too strenuous planned considering it's Old Gits Day tomorrow and the planned route, one we don't often do, has a couple of challenging hills in it.  Just did a flat circuit, including the outskirts of Wick St Lawrence

Before - May 2016

After - Today

This is the new cinema complex and shopping centre being built on the demolition site that was the old Dolphin Square.  The plans and projected illustrations look pretty impressive except for the fact that nearly all the shops will be cafes and coffee shops.  Haven't we got enough of these in town already?  we need more out in the countryside selling tea at £1 a mug in all the villages.  Rant over.

A little bit tired again today, still 16 more miles under the belt.

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