Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Old Gits via Webbington 23

Out with the Old Gits today, taking a break from the normal route by varying it to take in Bleadon, Loxton and Webbington.  Meeting up on the south end of the promenade, the day was not too bad, a bit misty and not too much wind.  A total of 17 signed up the today's outing.

By the Beach Huts

A much more sensibler a place to see this, certainly it avoids clogging up the pavements and there is plenty of shelter nearby if it rains.  10 plus the photographer (guess who) shown here but there are more to come en route and a couple are running late.

Barton Lane

Taking a breather after a good climb in Bleadon and another just past the Webbington Hotel.  Two new riders turned up today but unfortunately the big hill at Bleadon proved too much for them so they went home.  Whether they thought that our club just meanders about along the prom for 30 minutes or they need more preparation we shall find out.  In the distance is part of the Mendips shrouded in the mist.  The lane itself was very mucky with a lot of farm stuff all over the place.  At coffee, it was agreed that the Old Git who chose this route today should clean our bikes in the break.  All agreed apart from George.  Guess who chose the route!

An enjoyable 23 miles today.

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