Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Old Gits in Reverse 24

Out with the Old Gits today, this time we are doing a reverse of the normal route.  A bit chilly out there today, especially on the coast, and reaching Caffles, for tea and cake, was a pleasure!  No Strava recorded today due to phone problems but the route has been traced out on a map.   As my Mum used to say, "It is as near as dammit is to swearing."

Early problem

3 of us left the same location at the end of the promenade and within 200 yards a soft tyre was diagnosed.  We hadn't even passed the beach huts for heavens sake.  Some frantic pumping put some air in the tyre and luckily, it held out for the rest of the morning.

To Sand Bay and Beyond

Felt a bit tired today so I took a short cut in Kewstoke cutting out a bit of a hill to the group meeting place.  I used the excuse that it was necessary to be in a good position for the gang, or at least some of them, to be seen zooming down the hill from Kewstoke to Sand Bay.  There were more than this out today, not a bad turn out for a wintery day, 15 in all.

The map above shows a mileage of 24 so I will stick with that.

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