Thursday, 27 October 2016

Weston Wander - Getting there! 11

Encouraged by that easy 4 yesterday, setting the goal today to double figures.  An easy start along the prom and introduce some smaller hills. The weather is ideal, a dry autumn day.

Raising the big top

Adjacent to the prom, on the Beach Lawns, Gerry Cottle's 'WOW' circus has landed.  They were setting up as I started out and this the shows the top of the Big Top getting ready to be lifted up.

Nearly there

Stopped to see how they were doing on the way back and it looked as if they were nearly finished. By the sound of the generators it would seem that a lot of the heavy lifting may have been taken out of the job.  Years ago it would have been gangs of blokes tugging on big ropes to get these monsters up.

A modest 11miles today but that felt like an achievement. No apparent after effects so may 'up the ante' tomorrow.

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