Monday, 19 September 2016

Mooch! 9

Not much doing today. A real wet dreary morning which did brighten up for a bit later.  Off to the theatre tonight so don't want to be making ZZZZ during act 2!  Just pootled about Weston as a precursor to riding out with the Old Gits tomorrow.

Weston Hospital

Nearly ended up here this morning.  Just popped out on the bike first thing and attempting to get from the road onto a cycle path, the front wheel slid on the little kerb and threw me off. One grazed leg, not too bad, and one very bruised pride.  Had to happen as a stream of cars went by.

Marine Lake at Knightstone

Took this picture to include on the Strava post, just to liven it up a bit.  Best not to ride down this causeway when the tide is in!

A modest 9 miles, enough to get the blood circulating though.

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  1. Oh dear poor you, hope your ego wasn't too damaged.