Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Bridgewater Boundary (and back) 35

Nice enough day for a ride out, a bit overcast but very pleasant.  A bit of a southerly wind so heading south for an hour and let the wind bring me back.

Cafe open - NOT!

Went on the main road past Burnham and Highbridge and almost made it into Bridgwater.  After about 18 miles, it was time for a drink so went to this cafe on the A38 at Pawlett.  Been past it a few times now and today seemed like the best time to give them the benefit of my custom.  As the name suggests, Hilltops Cafe is at the top of a modest hill and seeing the OPEN sign on the approach was very welcome.  Until it came to getting in, the place was all locked up.  How disappointing was that then?

Rich's Cider Farm

This is at a place called Watchfield near to Mark.  50% dearer than the normal cafe at Burnham but it was time for a drink.  Several of these wooden sculptured animals about the place, this was my favourite.

A lot easier going back, covered just under 35 miles today.


  1. Love the driftwood deer, made me chuckle that you didn't get your cuppa t though!

  2. Clever use of the driftwood even though the tea was far more expensive!