Sunday, 4 September 2016

Blackberries from Burnham 30

After all the rain yesterday, good to see that has gone away leaving a warmish, cloudy morning with a bit of a west wind.  Going to kill two birds with one stone today, whilst cycling round going to look for some blackberries which are plentiful this year. Slight coincidence as my immediate neighbour includes jam making as a hobby and after finding a pot of damson jam outside my apartment doc the other day, it would be churlish not to repay the gesture somehow.
Picked a couple of pounds of berries from varying locations on the Levels and surprisingly, the best came from a well used footpath on the edge of a housing estate in Burnham.  Remembering the old adage that you should never pick berries that are less than two feet from the ground, filled an ice-cream tub and gave them to Mike, my neighbour.
Might get another pot outside my door soon, fingers crossed.

Thirty miles covered today, very enjoyable.  Too busy picking to take photographs!

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