Thursday, 1 September 2016

Birthday Ride 28

Legs felt good after yesterday's 41 miler, it was a lovely morning again so headed north east from home to explore a different area today.  Went out through Sand Bay to Hewish, Congresbury, Warrington for a cup of tea and back through Churchill and Banwell.  Wind picked up a bit toward the end but did not deter from a nice spin out.

Animal cruelty!

You may recall some weeks ago there was a report on here about a cuddly toy, a rabbit, had suddenly appeared nailed by the ears to a tree.  Sad to report that the rabbit has now gone (leaving an ear behind) and a lamb has been nailed to the tree, at a point even higher than the rabbit was.  There are some strange people about in Weston.  This was on the Old Toll Road to Sand Bay.

The bottom white object is the unfortunate rabbit's remaining ear!

28 miles covered today.

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