Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wedmore Worry 34

Went out today checking out a possible routes, or parts of routes for a forthcoming visit from Graham and Mick.  After today, got a much better idea where to take them.  The worry part of the title refers to 3/4 way round I realised that my pump was still on the table of a lay by burger van on the A38 and if a puncture had occurred in one of the remote lanes I was on, it was a long walk to civilisation.  Passing that way on the way back I called in and the owner had retrieved it for safe keeping.  Phew.  Another lesson learned.

Church of St Congar

This is in the village of Badgworth just off the A38 on the road to Wedmore.  It dates from the 14th century with further additions in the 16th.  It is a grade 2 listed building with work needing to be done on the tower.  

Rural scene

Very peaceful today out on the Somerset Levels.  Travelling the back road between West Ham (not that one) and Mark, had to stop and photograph this peaceful view.  With overcast skies, little wind, and a muggy feel to the air, we may well get some storms tonight.

Very enjoyable ride, 34 miles in all.

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