Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Old Gits, usual route 25

Tuesday, it's Old Gits Day.  Out on the normal trail through Banwell,  Winscombe and Sanford back to Weston.  13 of us today and the weather was very kind to us.

Ready for picking

Going through Winscombe to Sanford along the Strawberry Line, part of the section takes a diversion through part of the Thatchers Cider group orchards.  The trees look overladen with fruit and if this section is anything to go by, they are in for a bumper harvest this year.

Tea in the sun

An expensive day for me today.  Birthday boy on Thursday so it's my turn to pay for the tea.  So nice and warm today it was all outside for tea and toast.  Won't be long before it will be loads of layers and waterproof gear. Best make the most of this.

Usual route today, a tad short of 25 miles.

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