Sunday, 12 June 2016

Weston Wander 6

Just had a bimble around Weston with one of my granddaughters, Carmen. Not going too far so stayed in the local area and went looking for Queen's birthday street parties.

Party in the Park

That how the posters advertised it.  This was in Uphill recreation ground and invited locals along, bring your own picnic, and join in the fun and games.  This was about 1230 and it hadnt been going for long. It was quite dull and windy at the time but brightened up later. There was an area marked out for egg and spoon and sack races. We scarpered before they started!

Graffitti or art?

Spotted this in the corner of the recreation ground, an electricity sub station covered in cartoon type animals. Right by the children's playground, it certainly brightens the place up.

The Farm

This slogan has been appearing all over Weston, usually near road junctions either on the road itself or like this one on the pavement. There has been debate about this on social media but no-one has come up with an answer as to what it means.  Carmen, bless her, guarding the bikes.

The modest 6 miles today takes the total for the week to 136.  Going well to be honest.

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