Friday, 24 June 2016

Referendum Reject Ride. 13

Apple still have my laptop so no pictures or maps today. Should get it back tomorrow all being well.  Worked all last night counting the votes for the EU referendum, I voted to stay in but the majority vote was to leave. So be it, get on with it now.  Went out today too work off the frustration of forgetting to get dollars for a forthcoming holiday. The pound dropped rapidly overnight against the dollar which is a shame. Back to the biking, went out hill climbing over Bleadon Hill, a bit tough but not so bad now, with a few hill climbs under my belt.13 miles today.


  1. Glad to see that tge reason you've hopefully gone all quiet on me is because of your laptop and not because I voted out of the EU, sorry you lost out on your dollars exchange though 😟

    1. Lost out again on the return to the UK. I had a few left and the pound strengthened when Mrs May got it. Grrrr and double Grrrrrr.