Sunday, 15 May 2016

Yatton Yomp 37

Try and get some miles in this morning. Lovely and sunny, ideal for a spin out.  Looking at the map it looks as if the Strava App may have been playing up and dropped the signal a couple of times.  The straight lines on the map are a give away and there is no way that the average speed for the 32 ( I should think more than that) miles is recorded as 14.7 mph and the maximum speed was 56 mph was further evidence that the recording is flawed. 14.7 mph, I wish!

Strawberry Line at Yatton

This ornate structure is at the start/end of the Strawberry Line, a disused railway line that used to run between Cheddar and Clevedon. This is at the Clevedon end and there are plans to continue the shared path facilities beyond Yatton and all the way to Clevedon.  That would be a bonus.  There were quite a few cyclists on there this morning. This sign might get mowed then.

Map Check

Leaving Yatton and heading towards Claverham, took a wrong turning and had to stop and check the ordnance survey map.  Worth taking a shot I thought of this rural scene with the cows and calves in the background.  Found the right road and had a good ride back to Weston, albeit against the wind.

32 miles according to Strava but checking the maps, there are 5 miles missing between Congresbury and St Georges on the eastern side of Weston. This will go down as a 37 miler in my log.

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