Thursday, 12 May 2016

Testing, Testing 4

Came back from holiday with a very sore shoulder, painful for about three days but its eased off now. Still not right though. Self diagnosed it as a 'frozen shoulder', well, me and the internet did.  Kept off the bike till today but as it has eased off a lot gave the bike a trial run down the prom to see how it holds up.

Bleak Beach

Not much doing out there today.  Normally there is a clear view of the souuth Wales coast line and two small islands, Steep and Flat Holme.  Today, nothing. This sea mist, or very low cloud has been hanging around now for two or three days.  Sun is coming out though so it may lift soon.

Birnbeck Pier

This sad old wreck is a legacy left to us by the Victorians.  Sadly in a precarious state of repair, the owners/developers/council/charity trust do not seem to make any progress as to its future and possible redevelopment.  Each storm that comes along, another piece drops off unfortunately

Well, that was very positive. Just over 4 miles and no trauma from the shoulder. If this weather holds up, will venture out further tomorrow and give it more of a workout.

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