Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Old Gits Glide to Burnham 24

A record turn out for the Old Gits today, 17 in all.  Such a lovely day as well.  Went down to Burnham on Sea for a tea stop at the usual Wetherspoons on the seafront.

Reservoir Road

This is the quickest, and shortest, route to Burnham from Weston and takes us onto the northern most parts of the Somerset Levels.  This is the Old Gits peleton making decent progress with the wind behind them.

Catching up at Brent Knoll

At the end of Wick Road is Brent Knoll a 300' high lump on the Levels. The road at this point ends in a T junction and this is the group pausing for the rest to regroup.

Fed and watered

Full of tea, coffee, toast and the odd bacon roll, the group prepare to set off for the return journey to Weston. The wind sock gives an indication that the ride back is not going to be as comfortable as the first half.

Splinter group

Returning down the Reservoir Road, 6 of us decided to turn off and use a bridle path back to Weston via Uphill.  The track was a bit rough in places and this, the first of 5 stiles, proved to most challenging to get through.

All returned safely. 24 miles covered today, increased slightly as I rode down the promenade and back in the sunshine.  Because I could!


  1. Ah, so that's what Brent Knoll looks like. I envy the turnout you get for your rides.

  2. There are some good images of Brent Knoll on Google Ray. Its on my bucket list to climb up it this year.