Friday, 8 April 2016

Churchill Chase 29

Out with a couple of Old Gits this morning and heading east to have a mooch around Wrington and Churchill.  The weather has calmed down a lot since yesterday although the breeze was a little fresh.

Red Beetle Tea Room Wrington

About half way round got to Wrington, and so we stopped at the local tea room for a cuppa. The only blot on the landscape was it had little kids in there! Two mums and about 5 toddlers had also decided to refuel. In all fairness they were well behaved and were happy to play with the toys and games that the cafe provided. Managed to get one of the mum's to take our picture, yours truly on the left, Phil in the middle and Andy.

"Golden" Lion?

A short distance from the cafe was the Golden Lion pub.  This handsome fellow was in the side garden, very apt except for the colour.  Carried on over the A38 to the A370 Bath to Bristol Road and on to Churchill, Banwell and home.  The couple of miles we did on that road was not very pleasant, into the wind, it was fairly busy and the road surface was atrocious, quite knobbly which our road bikes were not really meant for.

A good ride out, I did stop to check the mileage on Strava just before the finish but couldn't get the right page up. Carried on as normal and clocked 29.4.  Grrrrr.

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