Monday, 14 March 2016

Derraileur Disaster 4

What a nice day to have your gears fall off!  Started out good, the plan was just a short trip along the promenade as a cough that has been lingering about seems to have turned into a bit of bronchitis. Don't want to push things too far so it will be an easy week this week. Shame because the forecast is pretty good.

High Tides Due

This area of Britain's coast has the second highest rise and fall of tide in the world, behind some bay in Novia Scotia.  It averages about 42feet between high and low tide. Consequently when its out, its really out but in the Spring and Autumn the tides are high enough to prompt flood barriers being raised to protect the town.  Parkers on the beach are given a gentle warning so drivers do not have to rescue their parked cars.

 He wouldn't take notice!

Taken last autumn after one of the high tides. This Mercedes 4X4 had a good wash inside and out.

Banksy's Windmill

The remnants of the Banksy Show at the Tropicana.  There is a lot of work going on inside the old swimming pool and all of the exhibition stuff has been taken out apart from this giant kid's windmill.
I was going to take a video of it going round but thought you have enough imagination to do that for yourself.


Got to the end of the promenade and started to climb the hill that overlooks the old Birnbeck Pier.  There was an almighty clank when I did so and this is the result.  Part of the derailleur mechanism has snapped off.  Rather than make a temporary repair to get me home, it was such a nice morning it was a pleasure to walk and push the bike. Just over a mile to home so no big sweat. Will have to get Ian the mechanic at Somerset Cycles to have a look at this on Wednesday.

Putting this down as a 4 miler although half of it was on foot.

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