Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Brisk at Brean 20

That is how best to describe today's ride, brisk.  A brilliantly sunny day but a cold north east wind.  Not too strong but enough to make the 2C temperature seem that little bit colder.  Went over to Brean and back through Brent Knoll and East Brent.

Fly Tipping 1

Took a ride through Uphill Marina to see if the work is completed on the bridleway.  It has and what a difference it makes. Like riding on a motorway now.  There are still 5 stiles to negotiate but no big deal.  Reaching the end of the track approaching Accomodation Road, what a let down to find someone has been fly tipping all over the place.  E-mail gone to the council.  

Fly Tipping 2

Just around the corner in Accomodation Road itself, looks like a builder has dumped the remnants of a window replacement job.  The pile of stuff on the right was there some weeks ago, and a mail to the council was sent, but clearly, inaction has encouraged irresponsible tipping. Another e-mail to the council.

Tally Ho!

Spotted these hunts people at a Farm on the Wick Road leading to Brean. They were all there knocking back the glasses of hot punch. Crossed my mind to join them but did not fancy being chased down the road by a pack of hounds and some drunken horsey people. Thought hunting was banned, perhaps they are just going to chase a dragged scent.

20 miles today. The highlight of the morning was seeing a weasel dragging a dead (or unconscious) female blackbird across the road just in front of me. A good dinner for him and his family.


  1. Good to see they've finished that path at last,I must take a ride out that way either Friday or Sunday (as long as I've still got those two days off!)

  2. Good blog today, shame about the fly tipping but commendable for you to be the case to the council. Can't believe you didn't get a pic of the weasel with dinner that would have been a sight to see..