Friday, 18 December 2015

Congesbury Conga 27

Another amazingly warm day. So much so, only wore fingerless gloves and not many layers. Unbelievable for the middle of December.   Headed east through Hewish to Congresbury. Time was limited so doing the return leg via Churchill had to be abandoned. 

Bike up a tree

Started off down the promenade and headed out to Sand Bay via the Old Toll Road. Half way along there, at the edge of Weston Woods, local lads have made a BMX track for themselves. Nearby, I presume some of them, a bit of street art has been created with this old bike nailed to a tree at the side of the road. I do admire this sort of creativity.

The Plough

This is just off the main street in Congresbury.  Vintage horse ploughs hanging on both the front and side of the building, not many of these left about these days.

Village Cross

Traditionally a meeting place, the village cross is also just off the main street. It was built in the 15th century and is a listed building and scheduled monument. The head of the cross was replaced in the early 19th century. The village is named after St Congar who it is reputed, performed three miracles in the area. He may have invented a silly dance as well,

27 miles today.

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