Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Highbridge Hop 33

Trip down to the Somerset Levels this afternoon. A bit risky as rain was forecast so bundled all the wet weather gear into a rucksack. Luckily, it wasn't needed.  Out past Bleadon to Mark, out towards Burtle and then turn to Highbridge and the cafe at Burnham on Sea before heading home.

Abandoned cars.

Right in the middle of nowhere, not far from the Huntspill River, saw this line of cars along a track.  It wasnt too far from a road, but quite what they are doing there is not clear. Possibly, someone collects clunky old cars and this is the best place to store them. To be honest, the insides looked a lot worse than the exteriors.

Crossways Inn

Eventually came out onto the A38 near to West Huntspill.  This pub was on the corner. It looked half decent and may well take a trip out here for a meal sometime.

A joke

These mallards reminded me of a comment one of the Old Gits made the other day when we saw similar out at Puxton. "The water cannot be very deep, it only comes half way up the ducks." Made me laugh for the next 300 yards when he said it.  Went into Burnham after seeing these and had a cup of tea at the Bay View Cafe.

A good ride today just over 33 miles.

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