Monday, 2 November 2015

Errands Extra 6

Popped to the doctors today for an annual check. Blood pressure was up slightly but when I explained I had ridden there they took it again at the end of the session and all is well.  Just one word of advice from nursey, "Lay off the cakes!"  Also went and bought a new memory card for an old camera the grandkids have discarded. Might as well have a quick ride round to try that out, see if it is good enough for a 'blog' camera.


Looking across the Marine Lake towards Knightstone Island, well not an island anymore, the victorians saw to that.  The picture quality of the little Samsung camera is not too good but, in all fairness, the light, at 4.30pm was getting pretty poor.  Need to try again in better daylight.

RNLI on manoeuvres

The lads are out practising this afternnon. They have towed a RIB behind their amphibious tractor and were about to sail off in it.  A chap with a yellow vest and a clipboard was stood not far from me with a small group so no life threatening situation ongoing then.  I think the jury is out on the camera, tomorrow morning's ride with the Old Gits will be a good tester.

Just over 6 miles this afternoon. Not bad going without a donut!

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